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Mujer sonriendo

Program for entrepreneurs

Upon completion of this 12-week female empowerment program, you will see yourself operating your business as a wellness coach.


The program is divided into three levels:

one. Know yourself. (emotional empowerment)

2. It grows . (Strengthening healthy habits and using products to generate consistency and be a brand ambassador.)

3. Take off . (strengthening of entrepreneurial habits, knowledge of the product and the business model).

What type of business are you going to start?

Wellness consulting, alternative therapies and aromatherapy with the use of pure essential oils  dōTERRA .

The skills you require to be successful in this business are:

  • Social skills like empathy and listening

  • Teamwork

  • Customer focus

  • Positive attitude

  • Interest in influencing and developing others

The activities that you will have to carry out to be successful in this business are:

  • Give wellness counseling and promote practices to help people improve their quality of life through:

    • Good nutrition

    • The exercise

    • Rest and stress management

    • Reduction of toxic load

    • Informed self-care

    • Emotional management

  • Consume dōTERRA products that meet your current physical and emotional health needs or those of your family, in order to have evidence, success stories that you lived in your own flesh. This business is based on recommendation and not on sale. To recommend something, you need to try it first.

  • Teach classes on the therapeutic use of essential oils, the creation of mixtures, the different applications in children, adolescents and adults, focused on the development of a healthy life.

  • Create a community of people who consume dōTERRA products, and form a business team, whom you will have to empower, coach, and advise to achieve results and be successful.

  • Publish and manage content on your social networks , being a brand ambassador and your own influencer.  

  • Participate in the trainings , coaching sessions that dōTERRA makes available to you.

In this program we train you to learn to do all of the above.



Model  of business: multilevel, network marketing, networking marketing.

What are the advantages of this business scheme?

  • It requires a very low investment and that you take advantage of in a product that leads you to a healthier lifestyle.

  • You generate residual income (money that you receive month after month as a result of something you did only once) for recommending and joining more people to our wellness and / or entrepreneurship group.

  • You can develop it alongside your full-time job, thanks to the fact that you don't have to spend too much time or effort on it, and you can also do it 100% online.  

  • You have the support and platform of the leading international brand of pure essential oils, therapeutic and food grade.

Here is an explanation of how this business scheme works:

Why choose  dōTERRA ?

In this video we explain everything to you.

What type of company is  dōTERRA ?

  • Multinational reach and prestige

  • With solid scientific backing

  • Socially responsible globally

  • Eco-sustainable, eco-friendly

  • Friendly and collaborative environment

  • Win-win business

I give you my word that it will be a unique experience for you, belonging to this great community.

Join Now!


Enroll in one of the levels of THE ENTREPRENEURS PROGRAM , and receive a gift of a Citrus Bliss oil (with a value of $ 407 MXN) by registering before March 31st. 

Citruss bliss.jpg


Mujer en el trabajo


Level 1

Emotional self-management is a key factor for success. By completing this level, you will have a clear motivation, you will understand many emotional principles for self-management and you will achieve greater self-knowledge and self-confidence.

It includes:

  •   4 group coaching sessions

  • DōTERRA Membership  for discounted prices.

  • Emotional aromatherapy kit  dōTERRA

  • Shipping within MX



$ 2,225 MXN Members  dōTERRA

$ 2,750 MXN Non-Members  dōTERRA

La mujer trabaja en el país


Level 2

By completing this level you will have some evidence of the effectiveness of essential oils in the physical and emotional health of you and your loved ones.


In addition, together we will draw up a plan to establish better health habits and become a brand ambassador. We will prepare your body for success.

It includes :

  • 4 group coaching sessions

  • Health coaching session

  • More than 10 live classes a week

  • 10 essential household oils and a diffuser

Difusor y 10 aceites.png


$ 3,426 Members  dōTERRA

$ 3,900 MXN Non-Members  dōTERRA



Level 3

We will work with the technical, scientific, methodological and motivational tools that will lead you to success as an entrepreneur.


When you complete this level, you will be ready to start and bring your first three registered to the program, give your first classes and consultancies, and start receiving your first commissions.

It includes :

  • 4 group coaching sessions for female entrepreneurs

  • Health coaching session

  • More than 10 live classes a week

  • Access to training platform

  • 4 of the best oils for internal use .

Aceites caros uso interno.png


$ 3,305 Members  dōTERRA

$ 3,775 MXN Non-Members  dōTERRA

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