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4 muses

They escaped from the forest

... and claimed for them a place of importance in the world of business, companies and organizations.

Here I share with you the 4 styles of female leadership that I have observed most frequently in my career as a coach of the most important executives and businesswomen in the country, as well as some of the behaviors they frequent.

It may be that your results do not describe you exactly, remember that the categories is only a way to organize the information in a general way.


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Results of the Female Leadership test

Majority of A

Controlling Leadership - Competitive

Results-oriented, efficient, productive and competitive leadership. They are women of action, enterprising and productive who are motivated by achievement and competition. They are women who "take charge" and solve problems.

ASPECTS IN FAVOR: If you want something to happen, entrust it to this profile, because they are organized, efficient, have a clear vision and objectives, as well as high energy to make them happen.


Very high and demanding standards (for her and others, on competitiveness, difficulty listening and recognizing mistakes, low tolerance for others' mistakes.


Some examples of this profile are the characters of Miranda Priestly (The Devil wears Prada) and Mónica Geller (FRIENDS series).

Majority of B

Ethical - Analytical Leadership

Oriented  knowledge, information, data collection and analysis, and the achievement of stability.

Most of these leaders are oriented to the good, to what should be and what they consider to be right.  They may be behind important political or diplomatic projects, although not necessarily as the official face.

ASPECTS IN FAVOR: Orientation  to detail, it is responsible, disciplined, peaceful, stable, trustworthy and pursues quality.


ASPECTS AGAINST:  Difficulty making decisions and  take risk.  Difficulty working with styles very different from yours, lack of self-confidence and can be elusive or antisocial

Some examples of this profile are the characters of  Lucy Kelson (Two weeks notice) and Andrea Sachs (The Devil wears Prada).

Majority of C

Catalytic - Promoter Leadership

Leadership oriented to creativity and innovation, enthusiastic, of large enterprises. Avant-garde, original, he is the one who spearheads new ideas and great projects. You will find most of them in positions of a lot of social exposure.

ASPECTS IN FAVOR: Notable  and charismatic, inspiring, innovative  and passionate. Ability to take risks, self-confidence, advocates and promoter  of your brand, product or project.

ASPECTS AGAINST: High standards and demands, low tolerance for frustration, rebellion, nonconformity, abandonment of projects early, confrontational.

Some examples of this profile are the characters of  Erin Brocovich (Erin Brocovich) and Kathleen Kelly (You've Got Mail).

Majority of D

Social-Supportive Leadership

People-oriented leadership style. These leaders  They always appreciate acting in a team, they try to please others, make friends. They have a genuine interest in helping or developing others and are capable of being very giving and helpful.

ASPECTS IN FAVOR: they are sociable and accessible, empathetic, supportive, cooperative. Defenders and promoters of her team members with whom she functions as a "mom" at work.

ASPECTS AGAINST: They can be scattered, unpunctual, disorganized, lacking  assertiveness  to set limits, they are over-attached to recognition and can be intruded on the affairs of others.


Some examples of this profile are the characters of Mary Jensen (There`s something about Mary) and Ana Pascal (Stranger than Fiction).


Portada Estilos de Liderazgo.jpg
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