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Lectures and webinars

Target audiences

Adults: Women and men,  leaders,  sales teams, operational and administrative personnel, for whom a change of consciousness and effective actions, are desired, like team spirit, gender perspective, inclusion & diversity, and accountability.

Recurring Topics

  • Self Esteem and Achievement

  • Assertive communication

  • Inclusive Communication

  • Gender equality

  • Happiness at work

  • Emotional intelligence​

  • Self-Sustainable Leadership

  • Change management

  • Crisis management

  • Prevention of harassment and workplace harassment

  • Personal Responsibility (Accountability)

  • Frustration tolerance

  • Collective work

How are my lectures?

AGILE: I focus on a few key aspects so that people can easily own them.

VERSATILE: Within my target audience, I adapt the content, examples, and language to the context, company, age, and social or educational level of the audience.

DEEP: I handle concepts elevated at an intellectual and spiritual level, grounded in practical life situations, that everyone can understand in the same way regardless of ideological differences.

FUN: I have sense of humor, I like that people can laugh and enjoy being there listening. I easily connect with groups and seek interaction with them.

BREATHE TAKING: You will be positively touched, on some level, by some idea or insight.

RESPECTFUL: I always keep in mind to take care of the institution or brand that hires me. Since one of my values is respect for diversity, I never talk about religion, politics, or controversial issues that generate cultural unrest or promote intolerance.

Here you can see some examples:

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