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How does Coaching work?

If you are a person who seeks to live your life in a better way, coaching is for you, since it consists of a development process  that provides the opportunity to achieve deep and lasting changes, allowing everyone to see themselves doing something that they did not do before, in a consistent and natural way with a very positive impact on their self-esteem, level of personal satisfaction, relationships, income, leadership, health , and other areas of life.

Abrigo blanco y aretes

The goals that are worked on in coaching  They are always related to taking you to be a full and happy person, discovering yourself internally, conquering goals, solving problems and experiencing greater emotional freedom.

I work on Coaching from different formats:


  • Individual coaching (personal and executive), with one-to-one sessions (weekly or biweekly), of 60 minutes that can be face-to-face or online.

  • Team coaching (organizations and companies), extremely powerful group coaching sessions that seek to improve integration, communication, personal relationships, or project achievement.

  • Immersive coaching (continuous accompaniment for a certain time) from the objective, through the phone and WhatsApp, in addition to the weekly coaching session. Ideal if you have something challenging to face.

  Solution Oriented Coaching, a method that I use, has a specific duration and focuses on the present, what you want to achieve now, what you can change, it focuses more on the solution than on the problem itself. And since it focuses on specific objectives or problems, it is very easy to see progress.


Do you want to experience your great personal power?

I can call you to discuss the best options for you.

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Situations in which I can coach you

When you have an existential crisis that you want to get out of, but you don't even know where to start.

When at work you are faced with problems with your supervisors or team that you do not know how to solve.

When the opportunity for a promotion or a job change exists for you and you want to prepare.

When you want to increase your level of presence, persuasion and leadership

When you want to outline your personal branding

When you want to discover your vocation and make excellent professional decisions.

When you feel like you need to review and heal your issues related to your partner, family, success or money.

When you need to put your life in order or manage your time.

When you need clarity to make decisions.

How much you feel ready to start a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.


Daniela gallardo


"My coaching sessions with Paola always entertaining but productive; some more challenging than others but I always had something to" process "or learn from myself. After a while after finishing the sessions, sometimes I remember a phrase or tip that It suits what I am facing. Paola is a faithful believer and passionate about what she does, so it is very easy and profitable to be coaxed by her.

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